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For hail to damage your roof it typically needs to be the size of a golf ball or larger.  The shape, density and speed of the hail as it impacts the shingles are also considerations.  Much larger hail, from 2 to 5 inches in diameter, is not uncommon.  In the worst cases when the hail strikes the shingles it tears through the top layer and allows water to leak through the shingles.  In these cases water penetration can happen immediately or within the first few weeks after the storm.

hail damage indianapolis roofs

Most hail damaged roofs (from hail 2 to 3 inches in size) will not leak for several months.  In these cases the damage cannot be seen from the ground.  An inspection must be made while on the roof with a perpendicular view.  The damage may appear as nothing more than a thumb size, half moon shaped black line.  This is an outline of the impact from the hail hitting the shingle.  It may seem to be harmless, but this sign indicates that the mat of the shingle (the base upon which the shingle is built) has be cracked.  At this point it is only a matter of time before the roof begins to leak. We install roofing Carmel Zionsville Brownsburg Noblesville Indianapolis and counties surrounding Indianapolis.

Another common problem to roofs from the smaller size damaging hail is the bruising of shingles.  This happens when the hail impact drives the top granules down into the shingle.  At the point of these bruises (over a period of a few months to 1 year) the granules will disappear and the shingle and mat will began to break down from exposure to the UV rays of the sun.  Leaks are inevitable, although it may be 6 months to 3 years before this happens.



Roofing Carmel Zionsville and Indianapolis

05/10/11 – Anderson and Alexandria Indiana hit with 1.5″ and larger size hail stones. I have numerous customers We have helped get claims settled in the area. Major damage to roofing.

05/25/11 – Greenwood and New Whiteland Indiana hit with golf ball and larger size hail storm. We have many roofs great customers in the area.

06/20/11 – Greenwood and New Whiteland Indiana hit by hail 3 times this morning again! UNREAL! Reported by one of our customers. Bargersville hit with 2″ hail. 

06/21/11 – Greenwood Police chief has warned homeowners to make sure anyone knocking on your door has a permit issued by the city of Greenwood. It requires a Indiana State Police and Greenwood Police criminal check as well as a bond. We have one and will gladly present it if asked.

07/5/11 We have helped 65 Greenwood residents so far get a fair adjustment from their insurance company. Let me help your family. Major damage to roofing.

07/20/11 Parts of Newcastle Indiana reported 1.75″ hail. Call me to help get your hail damaged fixed.

11/14/11 Frankfort Indiana reported 1.5″ hail right downtown.

3/2/12 1.5″ hail reported 1 mile SW of I-465 on SR67.

3/2/12 Brazil Indiana reports of 1.75″ hail stones. Damaged reported to roofs, siding and gutters.

9/21/12 Plainfield Avon Pittsboro Indiana report large hail. West Marion county Indianapolis also reports hail damage.

4/10/13 Indianapolis Carmel Fishers Homeplace Home Place Indiana hail damage reported up to 2″ in diameter. We install Roofing Carmel Zionsville and Indianapolis

4/17/13 Franklin Trafalger Indiana hail damage reported up to 2″ in diameter.

5/11/14 North West Indiana hail reported over 2″ with 80 mph winds. We are working many insurance companies here a week later.

4/8/15 1.75″ Hail in Greenwood Indiana. Also large damaging hail in Stockton Indiana. Stockton got hit last summer too!

5/4/15 1.75″ Hail near Thorntown Indiana.

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